Willy the Plumber Scholarship

      2013 APPLICATION


      Personal Information for student to fill out:


      Applicant’s Name: __________________________________  Date of birth _____________ 

      Parents name [both]:_________________________________ a USP# or DOB:____________

      Parents name [other]:________________________________ a USP# or DOB: ____________  

      The parents full name USP/offender# and/or date of birth is needed to verify parents criminal record

      Home Address: _____________________________________________

      Best Phone #:__________________________

      Email address (or 2): _________________________________________

      Grade Point Average__________     Include High School  and/or College  transcripts 

      College, University or vocational/ technical school you plan to attend with a letter of Acceptance: _______________________________  If you have not yet been accepted or selected an institution, please indicate where you have applied and the anticipated acceptance date.  

      A copy of financial aid documents, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. If you do not have a FAFSA you must write about your financial need in your essay.

      Please submit a personal statement of 500 words more or less and staple it to the application

      Include in your statement - Your plans and goals, the importance of receiving this scholarship, anything else that maybe important; awards, special recognition, extra-curricular activities, jobs, sports, organizations, etc.  The number of times and the years of your parents incarceration[s] and how it or or their life-style affected you    

      You also want some 'Letters of Recommendation' submitted with your Application. Get at least two 

      We do need proof of the parent or guardian in prison or with a history of incarceration is a parent if last names are different. You can attach court documents, a letter from the prison, a pastor, counselor, lawyer or guardian ad litem, or another person familiar with the circumstances that, that person is a parent.

      Also check with Community Foundation of Utah for their Application Form, due dates, mailing address and any questions or clarifications.