Basic criteria:

This scholarship is specifically for children of people doing a lot of [prison] time and/or habitually doing time - if they have done three or more years with in the last seven years or are doing more then two years right now.  Initially I thought of this for kids of ‘Utah State prison inmates’ from Utah and that will still take priority But if a Utah kids’ mom or dad is doing prison time somewhere else; federal prisons (or if the parents have done most their time in County jails probably should not preclude that child; If they have that much time in.  If there is enough money but priority goes to children of Utah prison inmates, then federal.    

“Children” is to be interpreted pretty loosely; common-law, step-children, biological, (biological but estranged), where the birth certificate or last name is not as important as the visiting record, or other supporting facts.  

The student needs at least a 2.5-point G P A. But the child Probably should have at least a 3-point average, [for the best consideration] and that should be inferred and encouraged (along with other school and civic activities) in the pre-application. And depending on the amount of money there should be some other considerations[1] The more money - the more scholarships can be handed out. Please help and support inmate participation and donations.     
My initial thoughts were for a smooth transition for a “Good Kid/Good Student” doing well in school to be able to keep doing so; going straight from High School into College, and that will still take priority and be encouraged.  But we are not talking about ideal circumstances here for everyone, where some kids are bounced around from place to place, school to school, or are babysitting their parents, working and taking care of the other kids,… pregnancy, and/or who knows what?? ...
We also a accept applications from students already in college: meeting all the criteria and guidelines. 

I do think there should be some priority for the student with the worst/most screwed up parents or life; both parents locked up and/or either or both with long criminal records, a parent convicted of sexual abuse at home..[2]  

This is my original, 2012 website, when the Scholarships were chosen here. Double check the college/university  of your choice for their requirements, But they should be the same.  

General implementation:

Help get inmates this information, so that every child [from the 7th grade up] visiting a parent in prison has this information / make it common knowledge in prison that this Scholarship is there for their smart kids; with notices, posters and media Publish each scholarship awarded handed out in this websiteAnd also in [any] prison newsletters or publications, the names and number of scholarships handed out, each year (so that the inmates can see that it's working)

Make it well known on the schools we are working with websites (and other state agencies, Courts, Schools, Counselors, Churches and people working with children or students...know about this Scholarship. 

[1]  If a kid is working with their caseworker - for whatever reason is only barely keeping a 2.0 GPA, they may never become a NASA engineer, but may be a great Building Trades-Carpenter.  A straight-A-student gets pregnant [or for whatever reason] misses a year or two of school, now wants to go back to school,…..     

[2] I have to big respect and always believed in "God bless the child that made it/making it on their own";  those rising above their environment and others expatiation's.