Scholarships handed out

Two more Scholarships again this year 2018 

Gavin Waldoch from Kanab attending Weber State University & Mariah Bergen from Kamas going to Snow College.


Three more [$2,000] in Scholarships and more Swag/gigt certificates as usual

Tiffany Harris from Santa Clara going to BYU

Cy Lindberg from Salem going to Snow college


Three more [$2,000] in Scholarships and more Swag/gigt certificates than usual

Amanda Vargus from SLC going to SLCC

Juan Pablo Ordonez from SLCC going to SLCC

Nathen Beane (already in college/USU going to USU 


We gave out four Scholarship [$2,000] plus $142 in gift certificates to each applicant

Jade Rackle from Magna going toSLCC

Breeanna Gibson from Nephi going to UVU 

Marianna Garcia from West Valley going to U of U 

Scholarships handed out in 2014 

We gave out four Scholarship [$3500] and again had more deserving applicants than money.

Plus $127 in gift certificates for each applicant plus another $125 to a specific recipient. 

Raunie Lindberg from Salem going to Snow College

Ashley LaRene Black from Salem going to BYU

Abigail Bowcut from Clinton going to the U

Selena Montoya  from Murray going to the U

Scholarships handed out in 2013

We gave out $3,500 in Scholarships to four Great/ Fantastic, deserving recipients. 

We also handed out $70 worth of swag to each qualifying applicant. 

The names of the Scholarship 2013 winners are:

Mariah Williamson from West Valley, UT

Maycie Nielson of Pleasant Grove, UT

Danielle Cheek from Cedar City, UT

Whitney Curtis from Washington, UT

*Unfortunately we could only give out four Scholarships there were at least four probably 6 more extremely deserving applicants.

No Scholarships handed out in 2012- I was still getting a 501 Origination to help with the managing and legal administration of it

2011 is when I first started putting this together