Frequently Asked Questions: 
Is this Scholarship for inmates? (the child molesters, substance abusers or thieves)?  NOThis is ONLY for the Children of inmates - these kids haven't done anything wrong. (Help break any cycle)  
Is this Scholarship already set up and going?  YES.  Yes, we are accepting applications and handing out more Scholarships in 2016, we have given out 11 Scholarships ($9,000 in Scholarships) as of 2015 - the more money we have the more we can do.                
We are working with the Prison as to the best/most secure way of getting inmate donations out of the prison and information into the inmates.   We really need the prison on board with this, especially with the yearly Inmate Donation Drives, Posters and Notices. 
What Can I Do?

First and Foremost - help getting the word out (and donations, in) pass this information on to - family, friends, co-workers, church or community groups, company owners, possible donors, anyone working with kids or anyone that may benefit from this scholarship or help with it. 

Second - we can use donations - investment is a better word in this case.

Third- I could use some help - volunteers, [SWAG] sponsors (gift certificates for applicants) or money donors.  

I did meet with the prison April 19th 2011; I think that it went well and that we had a lot more in agreement, then we did in any differences in the implementing of it. I’m sure that we can work out any details, on the safest/most secure way of getting the word out, and Inmate-donations in, and the kids going onto a higher education.  But they/UDC are not involved with any part of the Scholarship itself.   That fell through BUT in January 2013 we got the Prison back on board - still working out some details.  (see next page) 

The scholarship itself is strong and moving forward with or without the blessings of prison officials we will be accepting applications in 2013 and still going strong - with eleven Scholarships given out as of 2015. 

 Who and Why? (Why now?) Great question  (go to Who and why)