Must meet Basic criteria, for the WtP Scholarships - you really want the help and support, letters and recommendations by a school counselor, adviser, mentor, teacher, friend or caseworker...   

And then also meet the following criteria:

 ·  The Student has a financial need for this scholarship, with minimum resources to assist them, including family assistance. (Again the parent[s] arrest record speaks louder then their W2's).  So it is important that you include in your statement - the years of incarceration and number of times of parents incarceration[s] and also how their incarceration affected you and your life.  
 ·   Students should try to have two or three Letters of Recommendation from; teachers, counselors, administrator, community leader, or current or former employer, transcripts of your grades.  And of course your personal statement.   
·  Any Student not coming straight from High School must also pass College entrance tests and have a letter from the College they are planning to attend, that say they are competent and capable of succeeding in that College. 
·  The Student is only entitled to one Scholarship at time, this one or someone else’s. (to me Pell grants are grants)
·  Enroll full time at an eligible Utah institution of higher education.
·  Students can only receive 2 years worth of Scholarships.  (Leave some for others)
·  Scholarship monies must be used for tuition and books, any reminding monies can be applied to the next  semesters/quarter the student is attending. 
You must send applications in by April 15th.  But CHECK for ALL DATES AND REQUIREMENTS  with the Community Foundation of Utah website and/or personnel (801-559-3005)
SCHOLARSHIP EVALUATION:  Scholarship applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee comprised of business and community leaders and people in the educational field.