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Great News!  Another $3500 in Scholarships (and more in swag) for 2014.  we did $3,500 in Scholarships last year.  THANKS to all that helped -*with a special shout out to the Woman's Draper facility this year for their help.  
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The Willy the Plumber

Is specifically for Utah children of inmates doing a lot of time or if their parents are habitually getting locked up and doing time. Plus*  

We recognize that these children themselves haven't done anything wrongBasically they are also victims of their parents bad choices; the 'Forgoten Victims of Crime.’  We want to break that cycle, with a way out of prison visiting rooms, with an incentive and also some financial help towards getting a higher educating.     

Plus*is: Links to other Scholarships offered by other people and other organizations.

The purpose of this Program - these Scholarships 
Is to first act as an insentive; a seed to succeed - for these kids to be able to do better than their parents; to know that they can do better.  That there is a Scholarship specifically for them (by getting good grades and staying out of gangs and drugs); there is help with that financial burdon of CollegeTo provide not only some financial help but possibly some direction [too often, too little is expected of these kids and thus the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree].  Granted the student must have a strong desire to succeed in life, college or a post-high school institution, that will be determined by their application.  Their eligibility, by their parents' incarceration and arrest record.   

The number of Scholarships will be directly dependent on the amount of donations: The more money that comes in the more that can go out.  It's up to me, the public and the Utah State Prison Inmates to make sure that ths scholarship keeps working - and then the inmates also get credit for its success.   
Each year there will be two big donation drives [in the prison], by prison inmates to come up with this money:
January 2nd to the 22nd
(Start the year off right-Give the Kids a better start on life).
July 4th to 24th (Freedom and Independence for all kids through a higher education)
I would also like to do a yearly Charity Run  [‘Jog for Justice’ or ‘Running from Prison to a better life’] to show those children (and inmates) that there is also community support for this. -And help raise more money for even more scholarships.  (We just teamed up with Addict to Athlete to help with these Runs/walks...)


Will be managed and administered by the The Community Foundation of Utah  a 501 C3 non profit organization registered with the federal IRS 


Scholarships will be awarded in the amounts of $1,000.00, (and $500 for Skilled Trades). 


Every Scholarship handed out will be published on this website specifically the name of the recipient and whatever they want to disclose. And also by the Community Foundation of Utah.