Pre-Application (Not in effect)


The Willy the Plumber Scholarship


Personal Information for student to fill out:

Applicant’s Name:___________________________ School:_____________________

Home Address: _________________________________________ Grade:__________

Parents name [both]:_____________________________________________________________

Birth Date:______________ Social Security # (last four digits only)___________

Grade Point Average:____________                                                                                                   

(must meet University or College requirements by time of application )

We highly recommend that you get together with a favorite teacher, school counselor and parent, for these next questions, and what you may want to write in your statement and/or any other extra-curricular activities (at school, church, community or work) you may want to get involved in, and also for other scholarships that are available. -Start early; know what you want.

 Areas of interest/ probable College Major:__________________________________________  

(business, teaching ,engineering, arts ,law, advertizing, medical, aerospace, caseworker etc.)

College or University you would like to attend:____________________________________         

Be prepared to write a paper on a wide range of subjects but specifically on your hopes, dreams and goals, and some scholarship programs may what other specific thoughts, subjects or essays. So talk to your teacher, mentor or guidance counselor often.

Have your teacher or counselor make two extra copies, one for you to keep, one for your, school records and one to send into the Community Foundation of Utah. And every year get together with your guidance counselor or a teacher to update or revise your pre-application, as your grades improve or your interests change.