Who Why?

A brief Prelude and introduction leading up to this Scholarship. 

Willy was #15926 out at the Utah State Prison

Back in 1988, he was convicted of a First Degree 5-to Life; attempted criminal homicide of a police officer, behind the [blotched] execution of a No-knock/No announce search warrant[1].  Where the Board of Pardons wanted him to do at least 20 years before even considering his release

Through NO fault of there own.  His one daughter was really struggling with the costs for college (work, school, money and time) his other daughter [also, in part from being bounced around] was struggling with perhaps not only direction and/or her options, until college was no longer a priority and ultimately not even really practical.    

While he was working on his Post Conviction Relief.  And looking real good on proving police perjury and their intentional obstruction of justice[2]: to get their pound of flesh[3].  And thus looking real good for some kind of Wrongful Conviction compensation, he initially came up with this 'Scholarship idea'. 

When he did win his case - he was going to set up a Scholarship for children of inmates, with part of that money. 

Well he never did beat it or get it overturned and certainly never got any money, thus reliving him of any [self-imposed] obligations for creating that scholarship.  Well maybe not; a good idea, or good deed is still good.  [Thank God that his daughters are doing well], and him he's doing medium-alright[4].  

He was initially thinking at his death he could [probably/hopefully] still do something like that.  But thought "I’m doing medium-alright right, right now (and who knows what life holds).  Also how many kids will have already lost out, or society may have lost out not giving those kids a shot and a better education.  For what?  Waiting for me to die with money - Not likely    

Also, perhaps a secondary benefit of doing it now instead of later, is that there are probably still some inmates out there (or in-and-out-back there) that know him that can help promote it or may even may say if he can do it and get out and do well, then most anyone  should be able to.  And/or at the very least know that anyone, any inmate, kid or person say "Even if you get knocked down [hard/20 years hard] you can still get back up. 

So, after saving up some money along with a lot of  leg-work/ computer and email work, trying to get everything set up, and ready to go; someone to manage and administer it. [It's not as easy as you'd think to do this; give money away].  Until I hooked up with the Community Foundation of Utah to actually manage the money and legalities of a 501, C, 3.    

I want the Utah State Inmates to make sure it keeps going; at any given time the prison has over 6,000 inmates in it's various facilities [most inmates are really pretty good hearted when it comes to helping kids-in-need] and maybe half of them have money or jobs, if I can get them to contribute $2 once or twice a year ($4,000/$8,000) especially if they are seeing the results
I’m pretty certain I could also throw in another couple thousand each year, God willing and my health holds up
And for all the skeptics, so what even if we can only do 2, 3 or 4, scholarships a year that is more than what they have now, and even if only a hand full of kids start studying harder or decide that they want to go to college or do better, that's cool but I think that this is going to be a huge success.  I think that this is such a great idea that it can be a prototype for other States [I'm sure it will work here in Utah]  

[1] A No-knock Warrant is designed to Shock!  Scare/fear for their lifeConfuse and disorient.  By a Surprise Violent [armed] Attack/ Home invasion; all those same things that makes it a justifiable self-defense of yourself and your Home.  Where I should have had every right to protect myself and home from this  violent Home-invasion.

[2] For my actual case and proof of these very strong allegations, [if you’re interested]  it’s on line at www.aquest4justice.com

[3] Huge lying, perjury, false testimony and obstruction of justice  A Rodney King-style beating only in the courtroomBut life goes on, they did what they did, and I’m trying to do what I’m doing...   

[4] He got out, started working and re-schooling to recertify his plumbing license, and then when the recession hit, got laid off, and started his own Plumbing Business, (not making a lot but good, honest and affordable).    

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